About the Grants category

The Graph Foundation is committed to the well being of The Graph ecosystem. The goal of the Grants Program is to encourage development on The Graph Network and tooling, collaboration with third-party developers, expand the usage of subgraphs and grow the community of network participants.

20% of total GRT supply has been allocated to The Graph Foundation that will vest over 10 years. The Graph Foundation aims to distribute ~1% of GRT in the first year of The Graph Grants Program to support third-party developers, Indexers, Curators and other contributors. All financial grants will be subject to a vote by The Graph Council.

To start, the Grants Program will disburse funding in waves, with the first grants estimated in Q1 2021. The Grants Program is expected to evolve as we learn more about the needs of The Graph ecosystem.

The first wave will focus on four categories:

  1. Protocol Infrastructure - eg. indexing components

  2. Tooling - eg. subgraph tools and features

  3. Decentralized Applications - eg. subgraph consumers, dashboards

  4. Community - eg. educational programs

The current wishlist includes:

  • Indexer Agent Strategies
  • Unit Testing Frameworks
  • Wallet and dApp Browser Integrations
  • Static Analysis Tools for Subgraphs
  • New Subgraphs for Smart Contracts
  • Subgraph Features
  • Decentralized Applications built on The Graph
  • Educational Initiatives (eg. GraphQl, Javascript communities)
  • Community Building for Network Participants

If you are interested in building on The Graph and receiving funding in the first wave of the grants program, please apply here. Developers, project teams, non-profit organizations, researchers, community builders, designers, writers and academics are all encouraged to apply! Make sure to include all relevant descriptions about the project, the problem being solved and anticipated milestones.

If your project is selected to be considered for a grant, The Graph Foundation team will be in touch to meet the team and discuss next steps. The timing and size of funding will depend on the project’s deliverables, milestones and overall priority. Grants decisions will be communicated in Q1 2021 but the application form will remain open.

We are thrilled to be launching The Graph Grants Program and can’t wait to see what the community builds!