Developer Highlights #2 - Sebastian Siemssen & Ivan Herger | Enzyme Finance | "Building ambitious subgraphs"

For the second Developer Highlights, we get to speak with Sebastian Siemssen & Ivan Herger.

Ivan and Sebastian are long time members and developers in our community and have been working on subgraphs for Enzyme Finance (formerly Melon Protocol) for more than 2 years. They are going to share the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned along the way. In this episode we’ll explore some of the more demanding event tracking, data aggregation and scaling requirements of a DeFi subgraph and the patterns and solutions they came up with to solve them:

  1. Aggregating data over time / Processing time-windowed data
  2. Generically tracking token balances (ERC20)
  3. Dealing with external contracts with non-ideal behavior (incomplete & missing events, etc.)
  4. Tips for indexing performance tuning
  5. Tips for filtering and paginating large data sets
  6. Tips for designing a graphql schema

We encourage anyone to ask questions below. We will try to answer them in the video.


If Ivan and Sebastian could start all over again with the subgraphs for Enzyme Finance, what would they do differently now? What were the key lessons they’ve learned?