Developer Highlights Overview

We are excited to announce Developer Highlights

Each episode will feature an expert subgraph developer sharing his experience building on The Graph. We will do deep dives into specific features or tooling used for subgraph development. This will be of great value to both beginner and experienced subgraph developers.

  • Get to know the developers building on TheGraph
  • Learn how The Graph empowers decentralized applications.
  • Become a better subgraph developer.

The first episode featured @Juanmardefago, who taught us how to future proof our subgraphs with dynamic data sources (templates). We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about using templates to watch the video here.

The upcoming episode will feature Sebastian Siemssen & Ivan Herger from Enzyme Finance (formerly Melon Protocol). We are going to explore some of the more demanding event tracking, data aggregation and scaling requirements of a DeFi subgraph. We encourage anyone to ask questions here. We will try to answer them in the video.

Upcoming Episode

  • Developer Highlights #2: Sebastian Siemssen & Ivan Herger | Enzyme Finance | “Building ambitious subgraphs”

Past Episodes


i love this initiative! will this be weekly or monthly?


The first video will be released early next month. From May and onwards we envision two videos a month :slight_smile: