GIP-0020: Unattestable Indexer Responses

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Preview: GIP 0020 — Unattested Indexer Responses - HackMD


This GIP proposes a mechanism through which indexers can bail out of executing a
query in a way that avoids slashing risk and allows clients such as gateways to
detect and handle indexer-specific issues gracefully.


This is scheduled for being worked on by Edge & Node over the next few weeks.

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The GIP is also being merged into the official repository as GIP-0020.

GIP-0020 has been implemented in graph-node, indexer-service and the gateway. The latter two have been released/rolled out and a graph-node release that supports this is targeted for this week.


This has been released across all components. It will gradually take effect as indexers upgrade to the latest graph-node and indexer releases.

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