GIP-0052: Timeline and requirements to increase rewards in L2

Hi, as mentioned in GIP-0046, the “migration helpers” are now being called “L2 Transfer Tools” to avoid confusion, so I’ve edited this GIP to use the new naming.

I’ve also added some changes to incorporate the feedback from this thread and what was discussed in the IOH:

  • Proposed discussing in IOH before each increase to check that everything’s okay
  • Added a requirement that a third of delegation is in L2 for the 50->95% bump
  • Make the first 25% bump one week after deploying the transfer tools to give people some time to try them
  • Change the requirement for 90% of subgraphs having migrated, to only count subgraphs that have query fees

Let me know what you think, hopefully this addresses the main issues that people had raised. We’re moving forward with testing and dev for GIP-0046 so hopefully the transfer tools can be deployed in the next couple weeks. If there’s consensus about this we’d like to aim to do the first 25% bump around end of May or early June (assuming, of course, that the transfer tools deployment goes well and we meet the criteria described here).