Global Curator Improvement Thread

Hey ohmyjog, an inverse bonding curve to apply thaw on early signaled shares is something that we’ve been discussing and right now it has pretty high acceptance in the community that this is a good idea.

Although I believe I was the first to bring it up since launch, I am currently more in favor of the 2 stage curating system (I called it showroom and production, I think the idea was originally called bootstrapping and production).


Appreciate the feedback, I will look into this method. Thanks!


One feature request: Would love some kind of bonding curve visualization to help me choose whether to signal or not on a subgraph.

Right now its kinda just raw numbers and hard to parse.

The simple Curator bonding curve example in this article is a perfect example of what would be useful on the dashboard for us to visualize our potential share of deposits and historical price(s) over time on a subgraph: