Graphtronauts app- allow easy 0x0 access

Indexers rarely allow their allocations to run past the 28 epoch limit, but multiple reputable indexers have recently experienced this. Skilled delegators can close those allocations themselves, but the process is overly technical for the vast majority of delegators. All rewards from the allocation are burned when closed by the delegator.

The Graphtronauts app has an advanced feature in beta that would enable delegators to close allocations with a couple clicks, making the mechanism accessible to the common delegator.

However, there are multiple factors to consider. Can inexperienced delegators be trusted with this “new” option? How would this impact indexers who are experiencing long syncing times?
What does the community think?


Hey, I’m curious. How does the tool work?


If rewards are added for closing stale allocations (as discussed in the below post), I could see this as being a beneficial tool for delegators:

I am guessing this would likely become bot dominated however.


Hi Ariel! Sorry for the delay in the response.
My function interacts with the closeAllocation function of the smart contract 0xf55041e37e12cd407ad00ce2910b8269b01263b9 as it does on Etherscan. If you want to try this function feel free to contact me privately, I will activate the function for your user.