100M $GRT in Indexing Rewards so far [Major Milestone]

GRTiQ highlighted that we’ve broken through the magic barrier of 100M GRT in Total Indexing Rewards :partying_face: so I wanted to expand on it a bit, here are a couple of interesting stats:

  • On average, 0.76M $GRT were earned by Indexers and Delegators per epoch since mainnet launch in December 2020. (1 epoch = ~1 day)
  • Roughly 22M $GRT per month
  • Delegators received 64.3M GRT, Indexers 35.9M GRT. With a total of 173 Indexers, this translates to 0.2M GRT per Indexer on average
  • If we exclude less active Indexers with indexing rewards below 100k GRT, we arrive at 0.46M GRT that Indexers have earned so far on average
  • The top 10 Indexers and their Delegators earned a total of 67.3M GRT
  • With a total of 6,719 Delegators, a Delegator has earned 9,569 GRT on average since the launch of The Graph’s mainnet
  • Fun Fact: the most successful epoch was #80 with a total of 2.8M GRT being distributed.

Detailed Twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/graph_academy/status/1387100424411439108