Avoid this malicious indexers

In order to promote the free market mechanism for delegation. I want to start this thread for all delegators to discuss and share about bad/ malicious indexers who delegators should avoid. Currently the protocol allows indexers freely change their % cut anytime as long as they have no cool down period, therefore some indexers are able to do undesirable behaviors to delegators.

Let discuss and share about them, so we know who we have to avoid. Feel free to share this thread into discord and telegram.
I believe that this will be benefit to our community.


@chakrit how would you define malicious?

It might be interesting to have something like a “max rate change” parameter that indexers could define that would allow indexers more flexibility in rate changes while protecting delegators from rug pulls.

Also if delegators avoided indexers with no cooldown it would incentivize indexers to set longer cool down periods.

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For me, I would define to any behaviors that any reasonable person know obviously it is unfair. For example, indexers set low percent fee cut to attract delegators, then they jack up to high percent fee cut before closing allocation.

Obviously but that is very subjective. If you’re worried about an indexer rug pulling only delegate to indexers that have a defined cool down period. For example I have 2 indexers; one with only 5% fees and no cool own fees.

If I change to 30% tomorrow is that considered malicious? I never made any promise on discord or telegram about keeping those cuts long term.

Not making any judgements I would love the insight of the average delegator.

This is a great idea. I would be livid if my Indexer randomly chose to switch his shared amt from 80+% to like 20% or something. I think this resource is a wonderful idea to hold them responsible and to make others aware. AKA Thank you for this! lol

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For me I would say anything an Indexer does that they do despite knowing that it will harm or negatively affect their Delegators…

I agreed with you that this is kind of subjective. I believe the graph team are working very hard to make this project better but there are many aspects to focus now and this might take time. Meanwhile, I think at least if we keep delegators to be informed by posting indexers’s behavior. Let them decide by themself whether they are ok with a particular indexer, wouldn’t it be better for the community?

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Check out Indexer pages on https://thegraph.live/ - they show reward cut history so you can see what indexers have done in the past.


That’s great. Need to check at least these 2 columns - reward cut history and allocation. Then analyse date/ time in both columns. :+1: :+1:

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