Business and Sales Insights

Award Winning Strategies to help maximize sales and exceed performance objectives. I want this thread to bring to the analysis, a reality check mentality that burns down to core matters that ultimately monetize and optimize.

Let’s look at what the Graph has done historically to gain business, big time competitor conversions, in real terms from the inside out. What’s achievable? What can be done with the personnel and resources at hand?

We know the stakes to the game - with it comes a heightened sense and urgency. Make no mistake - business planning must be ongoing, evolving, can’t be episodic. I say business strategy distinguished from a fragmented approach. Knowing the challenges that are out there, we need to be tapping into solutions that solve for these challenges.

To my mind, there are certain things we should be doing that can help make the Graphs plan smart and effective. These are things short and sweet. These are things lengthy and cumbersome. How can we push the boundaries on nearly all faucets of our business planning?