Camouflage Signal

This post is primarily for indexers, but originating from a curator.

There was a topic mentioned on indexer office hours today that got me thinking. From my role as a curator, I think it would be smart to discuss the option of excluding the signal on definitively un-syncable subgraphs when determining the indexer reward appropriation to each subgraph.

0x-exchange-proxy for example has elements that are not supported on the mainnet and thus cannot be indexed, however the curator community has confirmed that this is an officially supported subgraph from the 0x team.


Many curators have decided that keeping their position now is worthwhile since it seems this will be resolved in due time.

Since this subgraph currently has 55k of curation signal of the total 3.7m in the curation market. I do not believe that 12,337 GRT should be allocated to this subgraph since an indexer cannot sync it (55k curation signal / 3.7m total signal * 830k daily indexer rewards).

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Well 0x has been resolved, so this may be less pressing. But something to consider down the road.