Cross-platform desktop GUI for `graph-cli`

Hi Graph community and devs,

I am thinking of creating a desktop GUI for graph-cli that will transform it to a user-friendly cross platform desktop application.


  • Config Complexity: Managing subgraphs on Graph CLI may be challenging for users due to its complexity if a user works on multiple subgraphs at the same time.
  • Error Handling: Using CLIs can often be prone to syntax errors and requires a steep learning curve for users unfamiliar with Graph CLI commands.
  • Developer Workflows: Without a GUI, managing subgraphs via Graph CLI can be time-consuming and may not integrate smoothly into developers’ workflows, particularly for those connected to graphical interfaces.

Solutions and Benefits

  • User-Friendly Management: Graph CLI GUI offers a user-friendly platform to manage subgraphs, thus eliminating the complexity of using CLI, enhancing the developer experience, and making the process accessible to users with varied expertise.
  • Intuitive Error Mitigation: By providing actionable error messages and tips with a well-designed error parser, the GUI reduces the likelihood of errors and simplifies troubleshooting.
  • Seamless Developer Workflows: The GUI ensures easy integration and management of subgraph operations within Graph CLI developers’ workflows, significantly reducing the time and effort required in CLI interactions.


  • Non-Technical Users: Individuals who wish to interact with the Stellar network without navigating the technicalities of a Graph CLI.
  • Developers: Those looking to streamline subgraph operation processes and improve efficiency.
  • Organizations: Businesses and entities aiming to manage their subgraphs with minimal technical barriers.


Telegram: mertkklu
Discord: MertK#2634

If community would value such a project, then I will create a detailed technical scheme, mockups and other specifications of it. This is just a summary of the proposal, and wanted to get feedback from community. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi @justmert ,

Thanks for sharing this proposal.

I see the appeal in such a GUI, and I want to ensure subgraph developers are aware of this proposal.

Did you try sharing the link to this thread in other venues such as our dev-focused Discord channels? Do join our Discord server if you haven’t already: graphprotocol


Thanks @Pedro, i have shared it, and waiting for any feedback!

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