Custom url for endpoint GraphQL


How to use my url endpoint from to

I don’t see decentralization if you have to go to a single URL. If you forget to renew your domain name, all sites on the internet will lose their data.

If all information about indexers is available only on a single website thegraph_com on the Internet, then this is not decentralization either.


Good point with the decentralisation of domain names. Although would also be a centralisation point. You could just run a GraphQL proxy that forwards traffic from to, but you would not gain much in terms of decentralisation in my opinion.

I think generally The Graph is also applying the progressive decentralisation paradigm and more and more parts of the stack will be decentralised as soon as the tech is ready. Since June last year it is possible to deploy Ethereum subgraphs to the decentralised Graph Network and soon it also will be possible for subgraphs indexing other chains.

Fully decentralised indexer discovery and payment is a future step that is currently in research. Stay tuned for updates …