‘Delegate’ delegation/curation permission to an alternate wallet

It would be nice to have a simple UX to allow an address access to delegation/curation rights for another wallet.


I hold 100,000 liquid and 50,000 delegated GRT in wallet A

I give delegation rights to wallet B. (You cannot send any GRT. You simply gave rights to interact with delegation/curation contracts)

I can now enter a delegation mode from wallet B and manage my delegations/curations in wallet A

Although GRT delegations don’t have to be actively managed - this allows for unique wallet security schemes. The top benefit being convenience and security. The less you have to access “colder” wallets the better. This will be increasingly important as more and more of the developing world enters this space and is heavily reliant on mobile wallets.

Synthetix delegation mode is a great example of what I’m proposing here.