Delegation Feedback Rollup Thread

Hi, question here about collecting unrealized rewards? How exactly is this done? I want to realize my GRT rewards and delegate back into the same pool. Ideally set it to auto delegate if possible.
I cannot see how to do this or find an FAQ on it.

It’s already set to auto-compounding by default and can’t be changed. All the rewards you get, are added back in your delegation.

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#1 – based on my own observations thus far, the objective and justified reason for a delegator needing to re-delegate to another indexer due to bad indexer behavior seem to be isolated situations. Don’t have a technical background, but want to bring forward a couple of ideas on that:

  • Assuming that the need for instant re-delegation should be an exception, is there a way to implement the ability for a delegator to do that on a limited scale, such as once a year or only three times total? Idea being that double-counting could occur in such situations, but only when a delegator feels its truly necessary while putting guard rails around the ability to abuse it on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement dispute governance process. Delegators can present their case to a cross-community committee. If case is voted in favor, delegators of said indexer are allowed instant one-time re-delegation to another indexer

#2 – cooldown periods seem to be a rare parameter set by indexers, hardly see it. Moreover, it’s a concept that is very little understood in the delegator community, based on my own experience. Some thoughts:

  • Relabel “cooldown remaining" to “payout commitment” or “rewards cut lock duration”, some language that is closer to a meaning that a delegator can better interpret and which actually conveys a positive message when they see a value being displayed there.
  • Inverse gamification: is there a way that indexers could receive any sort of benefit by being a leader in the “cooldown period” department at the protocol/operations level, such as being given earlier insight into subgraph release schedules?

#5 – I personally don’t think that many delegators are well versed on this subject and the ramifications of “overdelegations”, including the impact it has on their rewards once that occurs. I have heard fears being expressed a few times by delegators they would not earn any rewards at all in such situations. Attempting to speak from an average delegator viewpoint, it would seem the best solution is a removal of the overdelegation concept. In the end, it appears to be an exercise of moving the goal post. If it’s 25% or 0% shouldn’t matter, if we are contemplating a hard cap. Complexities are introduced to delegators when rewards/APY levels start to change due to the existence of an overdelegation territory. That could be resolved by eliminating that in the first place.

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Regarding the ability to instantly re-delegate to another Indexer, what about a meta transaction that undelegates and then delegates to your chosen Indexer at the time?

So the Delegator could choose a “Redelgate” option, choose the amount of GRT to redelegate, choose the new Indexer, and process that transaction all in one confirmation. If that’s technically feasible, at worst it would reduce the amount of babysitting the current process requires.