Delegation Cooldown Changes

Is there some specific reason why the delegation cool-down period is 26 days?? Is there a way to get around this 1 time for a community supporter for the project (testnet & current curator, longterm delegator, advocate applicant)?
Or is it feasible to propose that we shorten the period at all, or allow for like 1x emergency quick-release undelegation for each delegator, or something of the like? If not feasible or if that is a stupid question I apologize in advance…

The cooldown period indicates how much time is left until an Indexer is allowed to make adjustments to their reward and query fee cuts.

All indexers do not select any value for the cooldown, this means that they can change parameters as they want. But actually this is better for delegators. For example, as indexers receive new delegations, this require continuous cuts adjustments to keep a steady APR for their delegators. I believe there was a proposal a year ago to review the way the cooldown is implemented. As today, for you as a delegator, is better that an indexer has the flexibility to change the cuts any time he wants. I hope this clarified your doubt.


Seriously?! I didnt know that was the case… yeah that is a HUGE pain in the a55 for indexers… Is there not a better way for this to work that does not require constant changing of parameters for indexers but that also doesnt make it worse for delegators??

Essentially I was hoping maybe we could make the amount of time more like 1-2 weeks (instead of 4) and also made it less necessary for changes to be made by indexers??

Thanks for replying btw!

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Always a pleasure to reply and assist :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of the Delegator point of view, I do not think this is a real problem.
I can tell you, based on my personal experience, that at the beginning I was also some kind afraid of the fact that an Indexer could change the cut at their preference.
But what I realized and observed in the past two years, is that Indexers have the goal to keep their Delegators with them, so they are not operating in a way to attract delegators and then reducing drastically the rewards. Few of them have used this pattern. The goal of an Indexer is to keep steady and constant rewards for their delegators, and keep them satisfied and happy on their choice.

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