File Data Sources are live on Graph Node v0.30

Introducing a highly-requested feature for NFT devs: File Data Sources!

NFT developers are now presented with an exciting new opportunity to enhance their dapps. File Data Sources change the way NFT metadata is queried, allowing for the retrieval of multiple data sources simultaneously. In other words, now you can build subgraphs that retrieve IPFS file metadata!

One of the challenges faced by NFT developers has been the slow retrieval of data from IPFS, which has previously caused indexing to halt until the requested file was found and retrieved. This often takes several minutes. With the release of Graph Node v0.30, parallel retrievals and retries have been made possible, improving indexing performance and allowing for a smoother experience for users of NFT dapps.

File Data Sources is available to users of the Subgraph Studio, offering a new level of capabilities for NFT developers. This feature is a significant step forward in the development of NFT technology, and its implementation can bring many benefits to NFT dapps. NFT developers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and start using File Data Sources in their subgraphs and queries today.

Learn more in the announcement tweet.