Finding Subgraphs, usefulness of Subgraphs,

Hi everyone,

How does an indexer find new subgraphs? I read something about strategies, is there an article explaining what strategies are and how they work?
I know curators signal new “worth to index” subgraphs by staking their GRT to a subgraph, but how does an indexer find these? And could an indexer calculate an approximate reward for a specific subgraph?

Thanks in advance!

For the current state of the Network all of these based on the monitoring scripts and tools.
You can look at it manually here:
or here (endpoint: GraphiQL Online with Headers | Built by Hasura

For now, Indexer can’t calculate “future profit” or “possible profit” which will include query fees. We can calculate only Indexing rewards, based on the Signaled amount of tokens and Allocated tokens per each subgraph. In the future, when we will get some historical data about queries it will be much easier to predict some numbers and dinamycs.