Geo Update December 2023

:woman_astronaut: Summary

We’re working to get alignment on vision for The Graph.

What is The Graph’s mission?

  1. Empower developers to easily access blockchain data
  2. Empower communities to organize and serve all the world’s public knowledge and information in a decentralized way

The Graph needs an identity. How do we determine if something is on The Graph or not? Can people trust the information they find on The Graph Network today? The GNS and the curation mechanism we launched with are not sufficient.

We should think of The Graph in 2 layers:

  • A permissionless layer on the bottom with lots of data services where anyone can publish anything
  • A curation layer on top with an organized interconnected graph that people can trust (We will have lots of discussions on how to organize such a thing in a decentralized way)

Entities need to have globally unique IDs and we should be able to ask The Graph facts about entities. For example:

  • When was Semiotic founded?
  • Who works at Semiotic?
  • What presentations has Semiotic given in the last year?

The fact that this information is not on The Graph even though we’ve been organizing data for the crypto space and this information is so close to home shows just how far we have to go to organize the world’s public knowledge and information. This also shows why having a clear vision statement highlights where we need to go.

We’ve kicked off a working group for The Interconnected Graph of Data. I would love to carry the conversation with anyone who wants to get involved there.


Hi Yaniv,

Very interesting question you have asked here. I need to think about it a lot more, but I don’t think either option (1) or (2) represent my current thinking of what is the graph’s mission… rather somewhere in between those.

I’m relatively new here compared to you and others, so I want to hear what they have to say and adjust my thoughts based on that.