Grant: Integrating Curated Subgraphs alongside indexed protocols on

Cookbook is proposing to add curated subgraphs alongside the protocols and libraries we index and make available on What this means is Cookbook users (over 1000 solidity developers per month use Cookbook) will be able to find subgraphs maintained by protocols alongside smart contract code, documentation, and other developer tooling within the Cookbook website.

This grows The Graph Protocol and subgraph development amongst solidity developers by

  1. Bringing awareness to the existence of The Graph and subgraphs to Cookbook’s existing large and engaged solidity developer community.

  2. Creating the easiest way for developers to identify recommended subgraphs for protocols and libraries and making access easily available alongside workable code and other developer tooling.

  3. Growing the number of subgraph developers, subgraphs, and queries, generating more fees for The Graph Protocol.

Please include the overarching goals, milestones and targeted measurable KPIs/ROI. is currently live, funded, and has over 1000 solidity developers using our smart contract registry each month. The subgraph integration feature is currently scoped out but pre-development.

Month 1

  • Subgraph Query examples added to website

Month 2-3

  • Curated subgraphs displayed alongside the protocols and libraries indexed on - alternative to Graph Explorer, making subgraph information available next to smart contract code and other developer tooling

Month 4

  • Adding ChefGPT generated subgraph queries. Cookbook’s AI solidity co-pilot, ChefGPT, will be able to use AI to generate subgraph queries using natural language within the Cookbook website, and Cookbook Remix IDE and VS Code plug-ins.

  • Final testing and documentation / tutorial videos and articles (2 videos, 2 articles to start)

Targeted measurable KPIs

Initial (Before feature goes live)

  • number of subgraphs added to Cookbook

  • number of subgraph query examples

Ongoing (After feature goes live)

  • Number of subgraph queries done within Cookbook

  • Quarterly reports on subgraph usage within Cookbook

What sort of impact does your project have on The Graph?

What value will your project produce?

Adding curated subgraphs alongside our existing protocol and library pages creates a new opportunity for solidity developers to learn about The Graph protocol and subgraphs. It also creates the easiest way to find recommended subgraphs while maintaining decentralization for the Graph Protocol by using a trusted 3rd party,, to curate and recommend subgraphs created and maintained by protocol teams.

The expected outcome of introducing this feature is more developers using the Graph, more subgraphs being created, and more fees being collected by The Graph Protocol for queries completed.

We would like to learn more about why you’re contributing to The Graph. What can you share with us?

Cookbook’s mission is to make developing in web3 easier and more pleasant. Introducing subgraphs to our existing set of features will help developers learn about and implement The Graph and subgraphs into their learning journeys and Dapps. Our team comes to events at the House of Web 3 frequently, including sponsoring events held at House of Web3 such as BuildETH. We worked with some members of Edge and Node’s DevRel team (Pranav & Kevin) on this feature set and grant proposal.

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Please only include funding where your project directly benefits The Graph ecosystem. Although all grants are paid in GRT, please quote your funding in USD.


Have you received funding before? - Please list where you’ve received funding from and how much. raised ~$2,000,000 in a pre-seed round with participation from MaC Ventures, Tagus Capital, Superscript and Alchemy Ventures with additional participation from a number of angel investors.

Are you applying as a team or an individual?

We are applying as a team.

Who is on your team?

Tyler Sehr, CEO

Conor Gallagher, Founding Engineer

Michael Dankanich, Head of Business Development

Anton Dosta, Front-end Engineer

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Cookbook’s past work involving The Graph can be seen on our current Graph Protocol page at The Graph on Cookbook. Developers use this page to learn about The Graph Protocol, one-click open The Graph’s smart contracts in IDEs like Remix and VSCode, and can access Foundry and Hardhat boilerplates for the smart contracts that make up The Graph Protocol. Developers also use ChefGPT, Cookbook’s AI solidity co-pilot to ask questions and learn about the contracts and code that make up The Graph.

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Referral from members of Edge & Node - Pranav and Kevin.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Cookbook is excited to improve Subgraph discovery for developers!