Graph Council Meeting #68

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On February 8th, 2024, The Graph Council held its 68th meeting.


Adam Fuller

Yondon Fu

Chris Wessels

Sebastian Siemssen

Alex Bourget

Gary Morris

Spencer Noon

Mable Jiang

Pablo Carranza Vélez, Edge & Node
Etienne Brunet, The Foundation

The Graph Foundation (”Foundation”)

Jordan Teague, General Counsel, the Foundation

Observer and Note Taker

Note taker: Alex Marsh, the Foundation

Observer: Sarah Balda, the Foundation

Council Business


  • A core developer presented on proposed Horizon protocol updates and sought Council feedback on the various potential approaches for these protocol updates.
  • The Council voted in favor of GGP-0037.
  • The Council discussed details of core dev grants. Council members receiving core dev grants were recused for this part of the meeting.