GraphOps Update February 2024

:astronaut: Executive Summary

The GraphOps team is excited to share updates across our developments this month.

Subgraph Radio confronted a memory leak issue, which has been diligently traced and reported to the Waku team. Our team is collaborating with them to fix it promptly.

Moving onto Graphcast SDK, which now supports content topic matching when the list of content topics is empty, allowing operators to listen for and accept all messages on a given sub topic. We also released Graphcast SDK 0.6.1, and Listener Radio 0.0.3 versions and deployed Graphcast Registry contract on Arbitrum Sepolia.

Within Launchpad, we introduced multiple chart updates, dashboard improvements for proxyd and graph-node, and Namespaces releases for ingress, sealed-secrets and monitoring. Our team also hosted Launchpad Office Hours #10 and #11, delving into Launchpad Monitoring.

On File Hosting Service (FHS), we have been working on on-chain transactions CLI for indexer allocation and client-side deposits. We also hosted an Indexer Office Hours session delving deeper into FHS, its features and components.

For Network Operations, we’ve launched File Data Source (FDS) Refactors for Core Network and Analytics Subgraphs, and FDS for the Activity Subgraph.

Happy February everyone :sparkles:

:tada: Looking Back (what was delivered)

Subgraph Radio (Documentation, Docker Image, Radio Crate, Radio Source)

  • Discovered and investigated a memory leak issue. The source of the leak has been tracked down and we are collaborating with the Waku team to solve it. Read more on that here
  • Updated README links for better documentation accessibility
Subgraph Radio Development Activity
  • Subgraph Radio pull request merged:
    • PR #129: Fixes readme links to ensure accurate and accessible documentation

Graphcast SDK (Documentation, SDK Crate, SDK Source)

  • Released version 0.6.1 of Graphcast SDK with enhanced content topic matching logic & validation of incoming messages. Allowing listening for and accepting all messages on a given pubsub topic. This is useful for Listener Radio and for the upcoming ‘watch mode’ feature of Subgraph Radio
  • Updated Graphcast SDK dependency version and fixed conflicts since SDK version 0.6.0 involved breaking changes, mostly concerning the Radio’s internals, nothing user-facing
  • Released Listener Radio 0.0.3
  • Implemented a workflow in Graphcast Registry for adding labels, improving issues tracking
  • Introduced fixes in Graphcast Registry to improve contract deployment and usage
  • Documented deployment of Graphcast Registry Subgraph
Graphcast SDK Development Activity
  • Graphcast SDK pull requests merged:
    • PR #318: Released version 0.6.1
    • PR #316: Allows content topic matching even when the topic list is empty
  • Graphcast Registry pull requests merged:
    • PR #15: Implements a workflow to add labels, enhancing project management and issue tracking.
    • PR #16: Fixes to allow the constructor in the implementation contract, improving contract deployment and usage.
  • Graphcast Registry Subgraph pull requests merged:
    • PR #8: Documents the deployment of the registry arb-sepolia subgraph to the hosted service

Launchpad (Documentation, Starter, Charts, Namespaces)

  • Improved dashboards for proxyd and graph-node
  • Proxyd affinity rules fixes
  • Namespaces releases for ingress, sealed-secrets and monitoring in addition to all the updated charts
  • Hosted two new Launchpad Office Hours, LOH #10 and LOH #11, offering a deep dive in setting up observability with High Availability (HA)
  • Continuous dependency updates across various components including Arbitrum, Proxyd, Nimbus, Erigon, Graph Node, and Lighthouse
  • Operational improvements including updated workflow management and CI triggers for index rebuilds, enhancing platform reliability
  • Expanded network reach with support for Arbitrum Sepolia, alongside significant updates to monitoring and blockchain ecosystem dependencies for improved security and performance
Launchpad Development Activity

Indexer Components (Indexer Components, Indexer Service Rewrite, Allocation Optimizer)

Indexer Components Development Activity

Network Operations (Graph Network Subgraph, Graph Network Substreams)

Network Operations Development Activity

Ecosystem Relations

:rocket: Looking Ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Subgraph Radio
    • Solve the memory leak Issue with the help of the Waku team, and then release a new version of the Radio
  • Graphcast SDK
    • Update the waku bindings dependency to the newest (0.5.0) version and resolve conflicts due to breaking changes
  • Launchpad
    • Bring in support for Polygon and Celo in Launchpad Namespaces
  • Indexer Components
    • Utilize indexer-rs for File hosting service server
    • Receipt fee calculations for clients’ receipt signer
    • GraphQL API
  • Network Operations
    • Improving processes for releases
    • Publishing network subgraphs onto the decentralized network
    • Improving activity feed with new events support
    • Fixing query type issues introduced with the FDS refactor
  • Ecosystem Relations
    • Please join the community for Indexer Office Hours on Tuesday every week at 6pm UTC in the Graph Protocol Discord
    • Please join the community for Launchpad Office Hours on Wednesday every second week at 5pm UTC in the Graph Protocol Discord