GraphOps Update May 2024

:astronaut: Executive Summary

The GraphOps team is proud to report this month’s achievements across our workstreams.

Subgraph Radio releases 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 improved dashboard views, resolved a critical bug for Indexers indexing many hundreds of subgraphs, and enhanced overall stability.

GraphSeer development focused on updating dependencies, streamlining code for faster compile times, and initial backend work to introduce comparative analytics for Indexers.

For Launchpad, we’ve hosted LOH #15 covering High Availability in PostgreSQL and LOH #16 covering Helm Charts live development. Our team also revamped the documentation with a comprehensive PostgreSQL HA guide, and streamlined navigation for better accessibility.

On File Data Service, we conducted a Core Dev workshop to gather early feedback. We also expanded functionality for individual files and directories, implemented robust admin queries, and improved its documentation.

Finally, regarding Network Operations, we deployed chain aliasing support and released important Subgraphs across hosted service and decentralized network, along with the publication of the GRC-0002: QoS Oracle V2.

Happy May everyone :sparkles:

:tada: Looking Back (what was delivered)

Subgraph Radio (Documentation, Docker Image, Radio Crate, Radio Source)

  • Released versions
    • 1.0.3: Adds a new feature to differentiate offline and allocated Subgraphs in the Grafana dashboard
    • 1.0.4: Adds a fix in the Dockerfile + fix for the “db locked” bug
Subgraph Radio Development Activity
  • Subgraph Radio pull requests merged:
    • PR #140: Introduces differentiation between offline and allocated subgraphs
    • PR #143, PR #144: Addresses issues including db locked error and Dockerfile corrections
    • PR #142, PR #145: Released versions 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

GraphSeer (Launch the app)

  • Updated crates to latest versions
  • Experimented to improve compile time of the project for a better developer experience
  • Continued internal RFCs to improve the codebase
  • GraphSeer backend
    • Added the Subgraph extension service which includes a resolver to query for network Subgraph data straight from Graph Node’s postgres db

Launchpad (Documentation, Starter, Charts, Namespaces)

Launchpad Development Activity
  • Launchpad Starter pull requests merged:
    • PR #43: Updated Linux dependencies along with Launchpad dependencies, followed by a cleanup for better development workflow
    • PR #44: Reverted a mistakenly committed sudo check to maintain system integrity and user experience
    • PR #45: Enhanced the Helmfile structure to improve deployment strategies and configurations
  • Launchpad Charts pull requests merged:
    • PR #283, PR #284: Updated Celo dependencies.
    • PR #281: Fixed graph-node environment variables per group.
    • PR #277: Corrected a typo in subgraph-radio servicemonitor.
    • PR #279: Released subgraph-radio, marking a significant update and ensuring users have access to the latest features and fixes.
  • Launchpad Namespaces pull requests merged:
    • PR #613 to PR #644: Updated monitoring dependencies.
    • PR #612 to PR #622: These pull requests include updates for various dependencies.
    • PR #625 to PR #632: A series of updates to the Celo dependencies.
    • PR #633, PR #640: Updated graph dependencies involving the subgraph-radio package.
    • PR #634, PR #636: Upgrades to ingress dependencies.
    • PR #617 to PR #616: Graph dependency updates, including the graph-node package.
    • PR #628: Introduced or reiterated support for arbitrum namespaces.

File Data Service (Documentation)

  • Added service level for individual files; previously bundles are required even for a single file
  • Added feature to publish directory folders/object storage prefixes
  • Fixed admin endpoint queries and mutations; added feature to directly publish files or bundles from file server
  • Refactored user arguments, added scripts to support Graph Node snapshot of Subgraphs for both data consumer and provider
  • Hosted an internal workshop for Core Devs
  • Enhanced documentation including guides, README updates, and the addition of end-to-end tests
File Data Service Development Activity
  • File Hosting Service pull requests merged:
    • PR #41, PR #47, PR #50, PR #63, PR #75, PR #80: Enhanced documentation across different aspects of the service including README updates, server guides, general clean-ups, addressing feedback, and adding e2e tests.
    • PR #42, PR #49, PR #51, PR #58, PR #82, PR #86: Chore updates including dependency version updates, Docker image optimization, client guide and test updates, and the incorporation of new scripts for database snapshots.
    • PR #43, PR #46, PR #54, PR #56, PR #65, PR #68, PR #69, PR #79, PR #85: A series of refactorings ranging from argument adjustments, payment enum updates, server entry parsing, to schema normalization, aimed at improving the efficiency, readability, and functionality of existing features.
    • PR #67, PR #53: Introduces new features including individual price management, auto graph token spender approval, and enhancements to price queries and averages.
    • PR #74, PR #81: Addresses fixes and improvements in admin endpoint queries and overall service functionality.

Network Operations (Graph Network Subgraph, Graph Network Substreams)

Ecosystem Relations

:rocket: Looking Ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Subgraph Radio
    • Track network-wide data for “watch mode”, in order to later display it in GraphSeer
  • GraphSeer
    • Concluding internal RFCs and refactoring the codebase accordingly
    • Continue addressing user feedback
    • Add resolvers for Indexer and Delegator Averages
  • Launchpad
    • Release Polygon namespace
    • Ongoing Docs update
    • Focus on existing charts improvements
    • Release File Data Service chart
  • File Data Service
    • Support TAP payments
    • Standarlise service manifests
  • Network Operations
    • Performance improvements to unblock Analytics Subgraph
    • Full yaml parse for Core Network Subgraph
  • Ecosystem Relations
    • Please join the community for Indexer Office Hours on Tuesday every week at 6pm UTC in the Graph Protocol Discord
    • Please join the community for Launchpad Office Hours on Wednesday every second week at 5pm UTC in the Graph Protocol Discord