How to use Subgraphs to track treasuries assets holding? - (5 treasuries | YGG, Sushi, Fei, BitDAO, BanklessDAO)

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Treasury research (TR) is a data solution team aimed at data service in the web3 field. We access the data in different ways, analyze them and help the downstream users who need data to build their own products.

Treasury research built a series of subgraphs to track smart contracts / DAO’s treasuries on-chain activities with TheGraph decentralized indexation solution. These subgraphs on TheGraph decentralized indexation host service allow any protocol/application/analytics program to acquire reliable indexed data seamlessly from the blockchain.

Our work

This time we have written 5 subgraphs, focusing on 5 treasuries (YGG, Sushi, Fei, BitDAO, BanklessDAO). We choose these projects because they are generally known by web3 users, and each day they produce useful and valuable data. YGG was a hot spotted game guild organization that caught many players’ & investors’ continuous attention, while Sushi and Fei represent 2 typical Defi treasuries of their kind. BitDAO is an active venture DAO that possesses a huge size of AUM and cash flow, while BanklessDAO is one of the most influential social DAO with an innovative organizational capability.

In this treasuries set, all 5 treasuries’ holding assets balance and their price (acquired from Uniswap or Sushiswap oracle), number of holders, and daily trading volumes(matching records in Uniswap V3) have been covered.

Our subgraphs have covered:

  • treasury assets allocation per tokens
    • Balance (number of each token)
    • Price (current price acquired from Uniswap oracle)
    • Value in USD (Balance x current price)
  • number of native token holders
  • daily native token trading volumes (Uniswap V3, if exist trading pair)

We’ve already finished testing subgraphs on centralized network Hosted Service, and deployed all 5 subgraphs onto decentralized network Explorer.

A brief demonstration:


We’d highly appreciate the supports from TheGraph team

  • Grant funding
  • Technical support from the TheGraph developer community
  • Signal curators referring
  • Potential business opportunities introducing


Github: GitHub - Treasury-research/TR-subgraphs-collection: Treasury research's subgraphs collection.

Treasury research is building a web3 data infrastructure called KNN3 Network, it aims to provide topological data solutions to web3 applications/protocols to discover the in-depth relationship among web3 users.
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