Introducing Subsquid Firehose -- a lightweight decentralized data source for 40+ EVMs

Introducting Subsquid Firehose

Subsquid Firehose is a self-hosted
ligthweight adapter that is run alongside a graph indexer node and has a interface compatible with Firehose. It efficiently
sources on-chain data from Subsquid Network, so that there is no need to run
a costly RPC archival node.

To run subgraphs with Subsquid Firehose, follow the instructions in Subsquid docs

Subsquid Firehose addresses the following pain points:

  • High maintainance costs of running an RPC infrastructure
  • Unreliable and incosinstent data from the RPC endpoints, especially for smaller chains
  • Trivial onboarding of new chains to the ecosystem – whatever is supported by Subsquid Network automatically becomes available for
    indexing, 40+ EVM networks are already supported out of the box

Subsquid Firehose guarantees the data consistency and significantly improves the indexing speed, while not sacrificing any

  • The adapter itself is self hosted, and can be run even on resource-constrained environments
  • The heavy lifting of sourcing and serving the data is done by Subsquid Network, which is decentralized query engine and data lake
    for on-chain data.

Known limitations

  • The adapter is currently in beta, we invite everyone to try it out and give feedback.
  • Subsquid Network serves only historical data, the last ~1000 real-time blocks are still source of an RPC endpoint. It still gives 95%+ savings
    on the RPC infrastructure
  • Currently supports only event and call handlers. State calls are proxied to the RPC endpoints.

About Subsquid Network

Subsquid Network is a distributed query engine and data lake. It supports queries against the historical
events, transactions, traces and state-diffs served by a network of node in a peer-to-peer fashion. It is optimized for horizontal
scalability and very low cost permissionless data access. More information can be found in the Whitepaper and the docs.

About Subsquid Firehose

Subsquid Firehose is an opensource adapter that makes Subsquid Network compatible with the Firehose interface. The source code
is available in this repo

To run a subgraph with Subsquid Firehose, follow the instructions in the Subsquid Firehose docs


Please reach out for any feeback and suggestions to me directly on Telegram: @dzlzv