Introducing the Ethereum Firehose stack

As promised, here are the different components that we are making open-source today, that comprise the Firehose implementation for Ethereum:

The repo links to the required instrumented geth (and other clients) builds that work in tandem.

This empowers anyone to run the Firehose software on their own machines, and start testing the Firehose PR in graph-node

Here’s a playground with instructions to boot the different popular chains: GitHub - streamingfast/playground-ethereum-firehose: Firehose setup for Ethereum . This will allow you to quickly get started on Polygon/Matic, BSC, Ethereum mainnet and a few other chains.

Please follow-up in here for any general purpose discussions about the technology. If you have specific questions about how to run, and try out the stack, go to the The Graph Discord instead, in the #firehose channel.


Take a look at the parallelized subgraph stack here, hot off the press:

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