L2 Transfer Tools are available to move to Arbitrum One for all network participants

TL;DR & Key Takeaways:

  • As announced earlier this year, The Graph is moving from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum One in order to scale the protocol

  • The transition happened in 3 phases as described in GIP-0034

  • Phase 3 is now finalized with the release of all L2 Transfer Tools to help network participants move to Arbitrum One

The Graph community announced plans to move from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum One, a Layer 2 scaling solution. This move is intended to address the scalability limitations of the Ethereum network and enable The Graph Network to provide a faster, lower-cost, and more efficient experience for all network participants.

To ensure a smooth transition, the move was carried out in three phases, each with its own specific objectives and requirements, as outlined in GIP-0034. Phase One involved deploying The Graph’s core contracts on Arbitrum One, while Phase Two saw the first indexing rewards on Arbitrum.

Now, with the release of The Graph’s L2 Transfer Tools, the third and final phase is complete. These tools are designed to help all network participants move to Arbitrum One seamlessly, and to ensure that users can continue to access and use or participate in The Graph Network without interruption. With this final phase now live, the network has become an even more scalable and efficient experience for all users.

Think of L2 Transfer Tools as a software wizard for making it simple and fast to transfer your participation from The Graph Network on L1 over to L2. These transfer tools assist with transferring:


Easily move delegated GRT to Arbitrum One. See whether your favorite Indexer(s) are active on The Graph on Arbitrum One, or if you’re interested in delegating to other Indexers. Then, use L2 Transfer Tools to transfer your delegated GRT to the mix of Indexers of your choice.

One wonderful benefit of The Graph on L2 is the increased flexibility around delegation. It’s easier for Delegators to delegate GRT of any amount, thanks to the incredible gas savings. Delegators can also help secure the network in new ways with the option to delegate to a broader pool of Indexers. Additionally, it’s now easier to change (add or remove) delegation amounts on a more frequent basis if you so desire, without the pressure of expensive and wildly fluctuating gas costs.

Subgraph transfer

L2 Transfer Tools make it easy to move subgraphs published to the network on Ethereum over to Arbitrum One. Join the growing list of subgraph developers publishing subgraphs to the network for significantly lower gas fees! L2 savings also make it easier for devs to more frequently upgrade their subgraph versions.

Curation signal

Curating subgraphs on Arbitrum One is a significantly more flexible experience. Curators can enjoy the ability to more frequently signal or unsignal on subgraphs. Curation on L2 also operates off of a flattened bonding curve, making self-signaling a more attractive option for subgraph developers. Curators no longer have to worry about being the first to curate a subgraph, guaranteeing the opportunity to earn an equal percentage of query fee rewards.

Indexer Stake

Operating an Indexer on The Graph Network? Easily and securely move your stake over to Arbitrum One to begin experiencing the benefits of lower cost gas. Open and close allocations on subgraphs with a greater degree of flexibility, claim query fees of various sizes without gas eating at profits, and add or decrease self stake more flexibly.

All network participants are encouraged to move to Arbitrum to take advantage of the lower gas fees.

The core devs would like to thank The Graph community for the continued support throughout this growth process, and we’re looking forward to completing this transition (as more indexing rewards become available) and providing a faster and more efficient experience on Arbitrum One. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from The Graph!


If someone uses the transfer tool to move delegation from ETH to ARB, then decides to delegate again on ETH to same indexer. Is is possible to use the transfer tools again? Person is stating the notification that initiates the transfer is not showing like during the first use. Any suggestions or advice? @Pablo

It should be possible, but it’s a bit of an edge case so not sure why it’s not showing the notification. If you could share the address of the Delegator and the Indexer we can take a closer look (feel free to DM me here or on Discord)

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Hi, what is your Discord DM name?

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Hi Pablo, what is your Discord DM name?

Didn’t want to post my wallet address here

Just sent you a forum DM :slight_smile: