Messari February 2024 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

Messari is rapidly advancing in onboarding engineers into the Substreams:SQL technology stack, while also making significant progress in building SQL-based protocol transformations.

Throughout the development of Substreams:SQL on Uniswap V2, we have made numerous valuable discoveries and learned important lessons. Collaborating with StreamingFast, we address issues promptly as they emerge. With the completion of our initial release, we are now able to start concurrent development with multiple engineers.

Beyond development efforts, we have deployed the remaining subgraphs to the decentralized network. Furthermore, in support of platform migration from Ethereum to Arbitrum, Messari is actively engaged in transferring subgraph signal stakes.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Substreams:SQL
    • Uniswap V2 - Completed support for TVL and volume metrics
    • Balancer V2 - Completed volume metrics, while blocked on TVL metric due to missing calls data to calculate the token balance of a pool
  • SQL-based protocol transformations
    • Uniswap V3 - Completed
    • Aave V3 - Completed
    • Curve - At final stage of review
    • MarkerDAO - In progress
  • Redeployed remaining Messari subgraphs to decentralized network.
  • Actively moving subgraph signals for deployed subgraphs, from Ethereum to Arbitrum.
  • In progress of ramping up additional engineers to start work on Substreams:SQL.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Substreams:SQL
    • Exploration into Clickhouse to address larger scale data volume
  • SQL-based protocol transformations
    • Curve
    • MakerDAO
    • Spark-Lend
    • Quickswap V2 - Polygon
    • Sushiswap V2 - Ethereum
  • With additional engineers onboarded, start additional Substreams:SQL development
  • Finish to move remaining signals from Ethereum to Arbitrum

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