Messari June 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

In the time since the previous update, on the subgraphs land, we’ve slightly switched our focus from adding new subgraphs to instead take a look at the quality of existing ones. Moving forward, the plan is to continue doing that: wrap up the number of new subgraphs we are actively working on, pause for a minute, and ensure the quality of the 200+ subgraphs we are maintaining is up to par.

Substreams, we’ve kept playing around with them. Started working on Uniswap V2 and V3, to get a hang of how it looks like building bigger substreams; among other things.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Subgraphs:
    • Been working on 18 different protocols
    • 2 New protocols are prod ready
      • Satellite (Axelar)
      • Gains Trade
    • 9 of them currently undergoing QA
      • Across, Thena Fusion, Mux Network, Mummy Finance, Kwenta, Vela Exchange, Arbitrum Bridge, Morpho, Hop Protocol
    • Doubling down on data quality
      • Apart from regular maintenance we are building a subgraph monitoring pipeline, to actively track the status and DQ of our existing subgraphs.
  • Substreams:
    • Been working on Uniswap V2 and V3 substreams (still in progress)
    • Pushed some useful internal tooling (versioning, dealing with storage)
    • Deployed a Subgraph to track Synthetix SNX and SDS balances, and Staking and Liquidation Rewards

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Subgraphs:
    • As mentioned above, we’ll keep pushing for data quality of existing subgraphs. Once we are done with the rest of subgraphs under development, we’ll likely not add new protocols to the pipeline for the moment.
  • Substreams:
    • After we are done with Uniswap substreams, we plan on giving a try to Solana substreams. Being able to map Solana protocols and network is high value for us. At the same time, we feel like it might be a good way to test out how they perform, since they haven’t been used as extensively as EVM substreams.
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