Migrating Old GRT Token on Arbitrum

Hello, how do I migrate my GRT tokens from the old GRT address on Arbitrum (Graph Token (GRT) Token Tracker | Arbiscan) to either the new GRT address on Arbitrum ($0.15 | Graph Token (GRT) Token Tracker | Arbiscan) or Ethereum? Thank you for your help


I found a guide someone made that could possibly help you out here - Recovering depreciated GRT tokens from Arbitrum | by equcap | Oct, 2023 | Medium


Did someone help you? I’m a complete novice and need to do the same thing, but I’m afraid of screwing things up. I just want stop delegating and convert my GRT to ETH, any ideas where I can get that help?


After making this post, I received emails telling me to contact a support agent with a number D17Y84D64X and a link. But during the chat conversation, I was told to connect manually my Metamask wallet, and in that process it was asking for my phrase! That made me suspicious. HOW do I get help to stop delegation and migrate to Arbitrum and/or convert my GRT to ETH or something else? I need help but am unsure WHERE to get it


I would get help on official Discord here - graphprotocol. Be very skeptical of anyone contacting you directly unless you know who it is. There are many scammers out there that will try to scam your funds from you.