Open-source version of Debank based on The Graph

I had this idea and would like to know if something like to get some feedback:

  • has been worked on in the past? on-going grant?
  • if you see any show-stoppers?
  • any suggestions/additions?


Create a set of common interfaces that work across DeFi applications such that portfolio trackers can support new projects out-of-the-box. Basically a open-source Debank based on the graph protocol.


Portfolio trackers such as Debank, Zerion, Zapper or Metask Portfolio see an uptrend in popularity. All these platforms are powered by propriatary and centralized indexers such as Moralis or Alchemy. Keeping up with indexing all the latest DeFi project is a huge task and is often the decisive factor for users whether they use the portfolio tracker, if they cannot see all their positions.

There are already many subgraphs available for DeFi projects. So what is this request all about? Since these DeFi subgraphs all come in their own data format, portfolio trackers have a hard time integrating these subgraphs. I propose to come up with a few generic interfaces that work across DeFi projects to capture the main interaction (deposit, claim reward, stake, etc.) and the different balances (deposits, unclaimed rewards, borrowed, airdrop, etc.). If done right this can become the open-source alternative to Debank and co and other wallets, portfolio trackers can tap into it, increasing the adoption of the graph protocol.


All stakeholders will benefit:
⁃ users: the data in their portfolio tracker is retrieved from a decentralized network.
⁃ portfolio trackers: collaborative development work due to open-source nature
⁃ DeFi projects: can actively work on the integration of their protocol in the portfolio trackers. They must not wait for Debank and co to implement the logic on their side. DeFi projects will be incentivized to write their own subgraphs in this common data format as it will mean that their protocol will be automatically supported by the portfolio trackers.
⁃ the Graph network: higher adoption due to more subgraphs and more requests

Next Steps

To get things rolling the following tasks must be implemented:
⁃ the common interfaces must be defined and well documented
⁃ at least one subgraph implementation per DeFi „type“ (money market, AMM, stablecoin, …) should be implemented to illustrate
⁃ a web application clone of Debank called „The Graph Portfolio Tracker“ that showcases the new subgraphs

Looking forward to some feedback!