Picking a indexer?!

I’m new to graph, and I’m looking to delegate on one of the indexers. So is reward cut % the amount that will be taken from the delegators total reward(myself)? Or is this the delegators total rewards after fees?


For all the info regarding Delegation, you can have a look at The Graph Academy where you can find plenty of useful info, link here.

Regarding your specific question, if you select an indexer with a 10% effective cut, this means the Indexer is taking 10% of whatever the delegated stake generated as rewards (so it is a sort of commission).

For further help and support, feel free to join the Graphtronauts community in Telegram, link here. Graphtronauts is the #1 largest community for GRT holders and delegators, also active on X, here.

We also have a blog with plenty of articles to help you delegate your GRT tokens, here.

And last but not least, we have a very cool app to track your rewards, compare indexers, access tutorials and so on, link here.

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Awesome! That’s kinda what I thought, but you know the glass half empty, half full deal! Or 10% empty, 10% full! Thanks!


Happy to help, anything you need more you can also hop on our Discord server: