Proposal: Allow querying each N result

When performing a query, there seems to be no possible way to fetch every N result. It should operate like this.

(each: 10) → 1,11,21,31,41,51,61,71

This is different from pagination and would actually allow us to use this protocol how we want. Without this feature we are stuck…


+1 to this request!

Nice way to grab sample data over a blockchains entire history without large requests.


Interesting @0xBitcoin - is the goal here to sample the returned data? are you querying timeseries data (i.e. get every 10 days), or what is the effect of this sampling?
How would you expect it to interact with “first” - should this limit the overall dataset, or the sampled dataset? Are there existing patterns / libraries where you use this syntax?

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