Request for information about disputes #GDR-2

The arbitrators are contacting indexer address 0x85fe868adf7f5950b052469075556fb207e5372d (framework-labs.eth) about disputes filed in the protocol.

To make the investigation as brief as possible, please provide the following information and any other relevant records about the open disputes:

  • Version of graph-node used.
  • Graph-node configuration in full.
  • Type and version of Ethereum node.
  • Table of PoIs generated by the affected subgraphs.
  • A dump of the call cache data from the database for the affected subgraphs.
  • Entity values as of the divergent block once identified.

This is not an all-inclusive list. Request for additional information may be made if considered necessary.

How to Get Relevant Data

You can use the following queries to extract information from the indexer software to be used in the evaluation.

# Get subgraphs schema
SELECT name FROM public.deployment_schemas where subgraph = '<SUBGRAPH_DEPLOYMENT_ID>';

# Move to the subgraphs schema

# Dump PoI TABLE - (from outside of psql console but on server)
pg_dump --dbname="<YOUR_DB_NAME>" --host=<DB_HOST> --port=5432 --username=<USERNAME>  --table='<SUBGRAPH_SCHEMA>."poi2$"' --file='<FILE_TO_SAVE_TO>'

# Dump call cache (on some setups this table may be in a different schema, check it with `select * from public.chains`)
pg_dump --dbname="<YOUR_DB_NAME>" --host=<DB_HOST> --port=5432 --username=<USERNAME>  --table='public.eth_call_cache"' --file='<FILE_TO_SAVE_TO>'

Once a divergent block is identified:

# loop through all entity tables and get changes for that block
# for each entity table in subgraph deployment schema:
select * from <entity_table> where lower(<DIVERGENT_BLOCK>);

Purpose of the Requirement

This requirement is related to the following disputes:

β”œβ”€ 0x2232bff35186ea2734e36126561196d0815449154a594ebeac86d9155cc24963
β”‚  β”œβ”€ Type: Indexing
β”‚  β”œβ”€ SubgraphDeployment
β”‚  β”‚  └─ id: 0x31edcacc9a53bc8ab4be2eeb0d873409da4c4228cb2d60e4243bd3b4e8af7500 (QmRhYzT8HEZ9LziQhP6JfNfd4co9A7muUYQhPMJsMUojSF)
β”‚  β”œβ”€ Allocation
β”‚  β”‚  β”œβ”€ id: 0xcac11d8445765d0a81e53cef0df09c45b0ec2a29
β”‚  β”‚  β”œβ”€ epochs: 126 -> 127
β”‚  β”‚  β”œβ”€ createdAtBlock: 0xd56adceecc4ae1a6fe50600967c7540cd5b0581f1b6720a2da75392e9aebb2cf
β”‚  β”‚  └─ closedAtBlock: 0xaa7cc1e7f0767af615318d1f778049f2666a4825ceb166cf35374838ce3ac9ab (#12295301)
β”‚  └─ POI
β”‚     └─ submitted: 0xe41c017051539a5ce7138098b137adc28b3c933c89da6bc3b058ee21be148e99
└─ 0x41e44fbcf77dd4c99ccfb254c278d68f385028cbe67b4652a81c048b1a732bb8
   β”œβ”€ Type: Indexing
   β”œβ”€ SubgraphDeployment
   β”‚  └─ id: 0x31edcacc9a53bc8ab4be2eeb0d873409da4c4228cb2d60e4243bd3b4e8af7500 (QmRhYzT8HEZ9LziQhP6JfNfd4co9A7muUYQhPMJsMUojSF)
   β”œβ”€ Allocation
   β”‚  β”œβ”€ id: 0x249a6fbf13e761e5a465f30afa6eb4184c578f95
   β”‚  β”œβ”€ epochs: 126 -> 127
   β”‚  β”œβ”€ createdAtBlock: 0x50e54a5315bc1193f9599cd405604ae30baf73c79d0275d2f5527e1ee9bc84f5
   β”‚  └─ closedAtBlock: 0x4899fc4d863aabfb55eb2a987a5e151475cb620ded1be4802ca6ca599d1d83a4 (#12295292)
   └─ POI
      └─ submitted: 0xe41c017051539a5ce7138098b137adc28b3c933c89da6bc3b058ee21be148e99

About the Procedure

The Arbitration Charter regulates the arbitration process. You can find it in Radicle project ID rad:git:hnrkrhnth6afcc6mnmtokbp4h9575fgrhzbay

For communications, please use this forum. Additionally, please monitor Graph Protocol’s Discord #indexer-software ( for any arbitrator reaching out for more information.

why didnt this indexer get slashed yet? the time in which they should respond is already over afaik???

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I’m updating this forum because there was no activity for a while. There were direct exchanges between the indexer and the arbitration members about these disputes. From the investigation, it has been clear that the indexer has been using the software normally, but we haven’t been able to identify a clear source of divergence yet as we did on GDR-1.

We are putting together some tooling to make the investigation process more efficient: GitHub - edgeandnode/graph-disputes: Tools for Graph disputes management repo under the /analysis folder.

Future communications will be routed always through the forum to ensure a clear and transparent process.


4 months without a reply. Why isn’t this closed?

The Dispute was resolved as a draw. As stated before, it was found that the indexer was using the software correctly and the investigation about finding the source of divergence is still in the team backlog.

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