Schema Prototyper

It would be awesome to have a way to quickly prototype and collaborate on GraphQL schemas with other developers. This would allow people to quickly share, get feedback on, and get to consensus on GraphQL fragments and schemas.

Mock server generation
The tool should be a javascript app that runs entirely in the browser with no backend. You should be able to type in a GraphQL schema and the tool should automatically generate a mock Graph Protocol compliant GraphQL server which allows you introspect the generated schema and run test queries against.

Schema linting
When typing a schema in the browser, the schema should be validated and invalid schema tokens should have a squiggly underline with formatting hints.

Schema browsing
You should be able to browse the generated schema and click through to traverse across entity relationships.

Query playground
You should be able to type a query and click a play button to run the query against the mock server and see the results. This could be implemented using a standard GraphiQL playground component or similar.

Save and share schema
You should be able to save a schema and have the data persisted to IPFS. Once the data is persisted you should be able get a shareable URI that others can use to view the proposed schema.


First version released!

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