Full width for graphql playground window

I’m very new to using The Graph and have only used it for a few projects (Aave, Polymarket) and one thing that is super annoying is the fixed width window for the playground. (example: https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph/tokenunion/polymarket-matic)

I often use it to quickly test queries and explore the API but the window is so narrow that I can’t really see what I’m typing or what the results are.

It would be great to break it out of the 1440px width straightjacket and make it 100% width like a traditional graphql explorer window. (or maybe another url that has just the graphql explorer). I think it would be a simple change that would enhance usability quite a bit.



You can also take the API endpoint from the explorer and plug it in here:

It’s an absolutely amazing tool, I bet you’ll love it :sunglasses:


awesome thanks! i’m new to graphql so I had no idea this resource existed.