Script for closing allocations with 0x POI

Hey everyone, sometimes bad things happen and we need to close some allocations with 0x POI without any rewards for it. We know that it’s not so easy, especially for new network participants. That’s why we prepared a script for closing allocation with “zero POI”. The script currently working only if you are running an indexer agent in a docker container.
Attention! It’s a BETA version, we tested it on our side, but anyway, we recommend trying it on the Testnet first!
Any feedback, ideas, recommendations, or PRs are highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cool Konstantin~

One suggestion I could make is to always pull from the newest ABI of the contract interface, rather than from a github gist. It would be better protected against future upgrades in the case where the gist does not get upgraded over time.

This is more complex, and may still require some manual intervention in the case that the contract(s) are upgraded, but does offer some more protection in the event that the contract changes minor aspects or users wish to enhance the functionality here to do other things with other contract functions.

Great work all around, I think something like this is great for integration into existing indexer automation stacks.