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Hi Everyone,

Stakeall Finance is an decentralized non-custodial platform builds out DeFi strategies to provide user with higher yield and great staking experience.

We have below GRT staking strategies:

  1. Multi-indexer : User is now able to delegate to multiple indexers in single transaction.

  2. Buy and stake : User would use this strategy when it has any token apart from GRT. In this strategy, token would be swapped to GRT and delegated to indexers in one go.

  3. Leverage stake : Users can borrow assets from AAVE protocol and stake to indexers in single transaction.

  4. Cross-chain staking : Users can use funds on polygon chain for staking. Above three strategies can be executed from Polygon. We use Connext to achieve cross-chain staking.

For each strategy, user would need stakeall wallet. It is an on-chain smart wallet which manages users staked assets and also helps user to add multiple owners to it, which helps in increasing security of the assets.

Stakeall wallet is inspired by Insta Dapp’s smart contract wallet.

Step by step guide for staking using DeFi strategies is available at GRT Staking Strategies. Stakeall Finance is a fully… | by crypto staker | stakeallfinance

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