Statement of clarification about failing subgraph due to grafting

Hi all -

It has come to the Arbitrators’ attention that subgraph deployment ID QmYfKwjZfaYMMgMB47GsywSJWnbFV1GFmgLg1ZKZZS7LzW is failing to index due to an error in the grafting parent. The Subgraph Availability Oracle is still unable to detect this particular scenario and this particular edge case is no explicitly codified in the current Arbitration Charter.

As such, the Arbitrators recommend core devs to work on improving the Oracle to deny rewards in this type of scenario or/and ensure that graph-node produces a valid Proof of Indexing (POI) that can be presented in such cases, or make corrections to the Charter to indicate that any failed subgraph that can’t produce a POI should be slashed.

Until these improvements are implemented, we believe it’s in line with the spirit of the Arbitration Charter to settle as Draw any indexing disputes for subgraphs that fail to index. Therefore, any POI submitted for this subgraph deployment, or others experiencing similar issues, will be accepted as valid. This interim measure is designed to encourage a broader allocation of Indexers, preventing any single Indexer from exploiting the situation.

– The Arbitrators