Subgraph Change of Ownership

I’d like for there to be a way to change ownership of a subgraph that has been deployed.

There was a situation where a subgraph was pre-maturely deployed from a community member for an existing project with the desire to help migrate them.

That community member has since reached out to the dev team for that project and is discussing their migration plan, but they need to redeploy the subgraph so they have ownership.

Ideally we could initiate a change of ownership rather than having duplicate subgraphs.


The GNS is the contract that manages any subgraphs published by developers and tracks ownership.

You can’t transfer the ownership of an individual subgraph, but it is possible to delegate ownership of all the subgraphs created by your address. This works by changing who owns the identity of the address that created it using the ERC-1056 registry contract.

I can see some limitations with the above approach and I find it useful to be able to transfer individual subgraph ownership. I’ll look into it and work on a proposal.

For more information about how it currently works, see:


That’s good to know. As a subgraph dev, I can see a time where a DApp may want me to publish their subgraph, but after deployment I would want to transfer ownership to them.

This is a great idea - I think one key requirement for ownership transfer will be acceptance by the receiver, to prevent ownership being transferred to addresses without their consent

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Or potentially a multi sig type of deployment. Contracted subgraph dev wants to publish, signs transaction, goes to DApp address for confirmation, update is published.

This is actually what the initial partners did. They published their subgraphs using a multisig and now they can manage ownership as they find better.

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