Subgraph development tips and tricks by Protofire

Hey guys, we’ve already shared this on twitter and discord, but we wanted to upload it here too, so new devs could find these helpful resources more easily :wink:

The tutorial as a whole provides some basic explanation of how subgraphs work, as well as some detailed explanation on very particular common situations that you will experience when developing your own subgraph.

It’s split in two medium blogposts (because it would be gigantic if it was in just one part).
Part 1 covers the following topics:

  • Basics of subgraphs
  • Understanding the data available while mapping
  • Aggregating data for time intervals

While part 2 covers these ones:

  • Handling arrays efficiently
  • Creating a naming convention for entity IDs

Hopefully you find the articles useful!

Protofire is a team of engineers who build subgraphs, dApps, and operate an indexer (protofire.eth).