#subgraph-migration About the migrate tofuhua/Prodbsc and tofuhua/Prodbsc

hello everyone:
in the near future,we will migrate those to https://thegraph.com/studio/subgraph/prodbsc/ and https://thegraph.com/studio/subgraph/prodeth/

Hi @tofuhua - thanks for posting! Just checking on the subgraph names, the first says bsc - please note that only subgraphs indexing mainnet Ethereum are fully supported on the network at this time (non-mainnet subgraphs are not eligible for indexing rewards)

ok, I know. i will migrate tofuhua/Prodeth to https://thegraph.com/studio/subgraph/prodeth ,
and how to change the topic title and context? When can support bsc? @adamfuller