Subrgaph error with smartContractCall

I try this function

export function unlistedTokenAfterTransfer(
  token: Address,
  tokenId: BigInt,
  from: Address
): void {
  let categoryStats = getCategoryStats(token);

  let listId = getListId(token, tokenId, from);

  let isListed = FixedPriceSale.load(listId);

  if (isListed) {
    store.remove("FixedPriceSale", listId.toHexString());

    categoryStats.totalListed = categoryStats.totalListed.minus(

export function getListId(token: Address, tokenId: BigInt, sender: Address): Bytes {
  let tokenContract = MTestContract.bind(token);
  let listId = tokenContract.generateListId(token, tokenId, sender);

  return listId;

I already have generateListId method inside abi MTestContract, why i see this error?