Testnet scores need to be published

TheGraph ran an incentivized testnet for several months, and most of the indexers currently on mainnet were participants. A leaderboard was published early during the testnet, but hasn’t been updated for the last testnet phases. As the early testnet phases were mostly rewarding community participation, the score currently published does not reflect the technical performance of the indexers and their abilities to scale their infrastructure to serve the mainnet (the goal of the last testnet phases). That leaderboard is still available on thegraph.com and can mislead delegators if they don’t know the context.

We know that a score was attributed to every indexer, and it was used to calculate testnet rewards, so the data exists. It should be made available in a format that will allow:

  • indexers to understand where they performed well, and where they didn’t, so they can improve
  • delegators to help in their delegation decision.

In the interim, I would suggest that the current testnet leaderboard page to be taken down to avoid confusion.

I suspect the issue here was that this fell by the wayside as the transition from testnet to mainnet took up all available resources. In an ideal world we would get the updated leaderboard, but in the interim I would agree that it should not be public as it provides delegators with outdated information.