The Graph Connection Error: 522

We have a subgraph that tracks ERC721 transactions. We were trying to load the related transactions which happened in the past 24 hours and there were about roughly 56k of them. Since there is a 1000 items limit per API call, we had to use a loop statement to call the api 56 times. We are running into below error:

ValueError: The Graph Connection Error: 522
ChunkedEncodingError: (“Connection broken: ConnectionResetError(54, ‘Connection reset by peer’)”, ConnectionResetError(54, ‘Connection reset by peer’))

Our guess is that due to the frequent API calls that we are making, the system sent above error.

Are we missing anything?

Hi @huangkuan! Thanks for this - I think it will be easier to help debug & troubleshoot in The Graph Discord (graphprotocol) - depending on where the subgraph is running it might make sense in #subgraph-development or #hosted-service

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