The Graph Council Meeting #65

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On December 14th, 2023, The Graph Council held its 65th meeting.


Sebastian Siemssen

Mable Jiang

Adam Fuller

Yondon Fu

Santiago Palladino

Chris Wessels

The Graph Foundation (”Foundation”)

Eva Beylin, Director, the Foundation

Observer and Note Taker

Note taker: Alex Marsh, the Foundation

Observer: Yaniv Tal

Observer: Brandon Ramirez

Council Business


  • GGP 36 was approved by the Council to support Optimism on-chain.
  • Council discussed the proposed shortlist for the TAB.
  • Council discussed how to improve communication and education around governance processes, how to improve collaboration with core devs and ways that the Foundation can support the improvement of governance operations.