The Graph's Community Talk #1

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening next Tuesday, July 27th @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. Launch Meeting - Zoom

Tentative agenda:

  • Introducing Community Talk
  • Community Updates:
    • Wave 2 grants
    • Open RFPs
    • Council meeting recap
    • Find your Indexer
    • Governance updates
    • EthCC [4] Recap
  • Curation Launch Impressions
  • Q&A

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

See you next week!


Looking forward to it! :sunglasses:

For anyone looking to join the discussion live, you’ll find the zoom link in The Graph Foundation calendar here


Is the Community Talk replacing the Core Devs meeting?

It will be in addition to the Core Devs meeting. More details to be announced during the call. Looking forward seeing you there!


Great to see more open venues for information sharing, discussion and collaboration :clap: See you there :slight_smile:


Here is the recording:

Thanks to everyone that joined!