The Graph's Community Talk #5

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening next Tuesday, November 16th @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting link is:
Launch Zoom Meeting

This month’s discussion topics include:

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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In this Community Call, SimpleFi – a Graph Grants grantee – presents their demo, we listen to conference updates, learn about opportunities to engage with The Graph and core developers detail the integration of the Near, Cosmos & Solana ecosystems.

Meeting Participants explore:

  • SimpleFi Grantee Spotlight
  • Lisbon Community Updates
    • LisCon
    • ETHLisbon
    • WebSummit
  • The Graph Swag
  • The Graph Academy Mini-Grants
  • Chain Announcements
    • Near
    • Cosmos
    • Solana
  • Governance Updates
    • Forum Reorganization
    • Governance Process Posted
    • GIPs up for final vote

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

SimpleFi | Grantee Spotlight [00:32]

SimpleFi is an analytics and execution tool that enables users track their DeFi investments by utilizing an intuitive ROI dashboard. A user can directly plug in their wallet address or connect their MetaMask wallet in-browser to view TVL, total holdings and three methods to calculate ROI.


The project tracks 95,000 tokens, has millions of historical price points, and is designed to allow any developers integrate their subgraph. To follow SimpleFi’s development and join the waitlist, visit their discord here! To view in depth documentation on SimpleFi, you can view the developer docs for the project at and visit SimpleFi’s GitHub page.

Lisbon Community Updates [14:38]

The Graph had a presence at multiple crypto conferences in Lisbon, Portugal, where they represented and shared all things The Graph and Web3. Look at some of the highlights below:


  • Yaniv Tal, cofounder of The Graph Protocol and CEO at Edge & Node, presented a mainstage talk on the future of Web3. Watch the presentation here!
  • Aditi Sriram gave a presentation about education in Web3 and The Graph’s upcoming collaboration with Free Code Camp.


Simon Emanuel Schmid of Edge & Node led a workshop on Web3 development using The Graph. With a total of 260 participants, the workshop resulted in 15 teams building a new project utilizing The Graph Protocol.


Simon led an additional workshop at WebSummit while Reem Chahrour gave insight to conferencegoers an insight into The Graph Protocol and Web3.

With a lot of exciting crypto conferences, something that I think we as community in Web3 need to emphasize on is how do we not only converse with each other, but how we converse with others that are very curious and maybe somewhat intimidated by what we’re doing and the future of the internet. It was really refreshing to educate and inform a lot of people what The Graph does and how it powers Web3. - Reem Chahrour

The Graph Swag [20:27]

Socks, shirts, stickers galore! There will be upcoming opportunities for community members to get some of The Graph’s swag. Or get your hands on swag by stopping by The Graph’s booth at conferences!

The Graph Academy Update [21:20]

To expand the educational content accessed via The Graph Academy, mini grants will be available for contributors. Grants will be available as RFPs with predefined topics or can be applied for by contributors with suggestions.

Curator Catalyst Calls [22:41]

Curator Catalyst calls are a bi-weekly meeting with a focus on the curation experience. The meetings cover upcoming curator changes and GIPs. This week will feature graph god who will talk about the curation station website.

Curator Catalyst calls can be attended by visiting The Graph’s Ecosystem calendar!

Chain Announcements! [17:30]

The Graph Protocol natively supports EVM chains, but has announced the integration of Near, Cosmos and Solana in the quest to index all Web3.


Near is supported in the latest release of graph-node! Near dapp developers can build and utilize subgraphs to index the Near blockchain. The integration is receiving its finishing touches by the core dev teams and will be fully released soon.

Check out Mintbase, an NFT marketplace built on Near.


It was announced in Lisbon that the Cosmos ecosystem will be integrated with The Graph Protocol. The Cosmos ecosystem is comprised of multiple blockchains which The Graph will integrate on a case-by-case basis. Cosmos focuses on being highly scalable while lowering transaction fees through a unique approach to ecosystem structure.

Check out Osmosis! Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that can be used to trade Cosmos enabled tokens.


Solana is in the initial stages of being integrated with The Graph Protocol. It is a fast chain that has a very high rate of transactions per second while maintaining low fees. Solana encompasses over 400 projects built for the ecosystem.

Check out Serum Dex, a decentralized exchange which operates at the speed of a centralized exchange.

Governance Updates [39:18]

The forum categories and subcategories have been reorganized to simplify the structure. There has also been a protocol-gov tag added to identify GIPs that will move through the newly posted governance process .

The Graph team will be sharing some news about a better way for community members to keep track of what the core developers are working on to better engage in discussions.

GIP Updates

These GIPs will soon go to the graph council for a final vote:

Stay Tuned!

Join us next month for The Graph’s Community Call #6!

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