The Graph's Town Hall #4

Join The Graph’s Community on the 4th Graph Protocol Townhall, happening next Tuesday, June 1 @ 8am PST.

Join The Graph Council, Indexers & many other contributors to discuss protocol updates, GIP’s and all things The Graph! The meeting link is: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Tentative agenda:

  1. Protocol updates
  2. Network migration
  3. Foundation updates
  4. Q&A

If you want to receive calendar invites for future calls, you can register here: Town Halls.

See you next week!


Here is the recording:

Thanks to everyone that joined!


The Graph Protocol Town Hall #4

Meeting Notes | June 1st 2021


Foundation Update (Eva Beylin)

The last few months in the graph protocol have been focused on migration to mainnet! We are well on our way into phase two and three. More public updates will be coming shortly. Like the first quarter, a new wave of grants will be available in the second quarter. Along with grants, over 40 RFPs (request for proposals) are available here. Here is a look into some of the RFPs available:


  1. Build a Governance UI that captures GIP proposal details
  2. Create a dapp or user interface that helps Curators calculate rewards
  3. Develop a UI/dapp that aggregates information across the NFT industry



  1. Protocol Town Hall note taking
  2. Weekly educational memes
  3. Bits & Bytes Newsletter
  4. Economic Report to inform indexers and curators about protocol economics
  5. Hardhat documentation

Indexer Tooling

Indexer Community

  1. All in one indexer tutorial video series
  2. PostgreSQL workshops and consulting
  3. Indexer Excellence Guide

Grantee Spotlight (Reem Chahrour)

Reem Chahrour is the ecosystem manager at the Graph Foundation who oversee grants and projects. Grant applications are still open for wave two. Thank you for your patience as the foundation reviews grant applications. Ideas are always welcome. Now lets take a look at SkyDocs, which received a wave one grant!


Skydocs is a decentralized cloud storage service. Because the platform is decentralized there is no central registration process. As a user enters in a username and password, it generates a seed for a public and private keypair for the site of storage.   


You are presented with a simple screen where you can see your documents with a preview. Its basic, decentralized and it works.  The dapp will integrate with the graph so you can share documents using a sub graph and see which documents are shared to you. While the infrastructure of the decentralized future is still being developed, SkyDocs shows that is possible to build dapps in a decentralized fashion. The app is open source contributing to resources other developers can utilize in the process of advancing the mission of decentralization and Web3.

The Graph Protocol Educational Videos

Elena – a self-described test net curator and delegator – and her team have developed educational videos advising new community members how to take part in different protocol activities. The videos cover technical and non-technical topics. The videos are currently in Russian and will be updated to English soon!

Housekeeping (Brandon Ramirez)

The Graph Protocol has seen a couple of minor upgrades since the last protocol town hall.

The Graph ecosystem uses snapshot voting for community polling as well as graph council votes.

GIPS and Upgrades (Ariel)

GIP-006 - Different slashing percentages for query and indexing disputes.

The slashing percentages for answering queries and indexing (usually done during allocation) is the same. The GIP aims to balance the risk of indexing by separating slashing percentages for these two actions.

GIP-007 – Withdraw helper contract to support collecting funds from Vector channels.

Allows for the sending of funds from state channels back to the protocol for being distributed to delegators, indexers and curators.

Minor Fixes

  • Delegation parameters initialization when used from stakeTo()
    • Bug fix for when indexers use stakeTo() instead of stake
  • Update rewards snapshot when closeAllocation with empty POI
    • Update rewards snapshot was not being called leading to small difference in calculation
  • Cache address resolution from the controller
    • Improvement to save gas

    Future Changes

    Proposal to Change the Indexer Cut Mechanism (Ariel)

  • Get a more stable rewards cut
  • Snapshot rewards cut before the allocation is created
  • Takes into account the delegation to indexer ratio
  • Arbitration Charter Review (Brandon)

    The Graph has a protocol role called an Arbitrator who is assigned through decentralized governance. The Arbitrator is an Ethereum Account that can decide the outcome of disputes in the protocol. The purpose of the Arbitration Charter is to establish norms that constrain the Arbitrator’s actions beyond what is expressible or currently expressed in smart contract code. We propose that any Arbitrator that does not comply with the norms laid out in this charter be replaced via decentralized governance.

    Update: The team has made an update to the charter that allows indexers to complete allocations on subgraphs that have failed, since it is out of indexer control. The arbitration charter and GIPs dependent on it will be combined in a community snapshot pool.

    Please join the discussion in the forums here!

    Deterministic Timeouts (Brandon)

    The GIP is now out for deterministic timeouts. The goal in the first GIP is to make sure timeouts are deterministic. Future GIPs will build on this, making sure the gas cost of opcodes is a highly accurate predictor of execution time.

    API Versioning Support

    API versioning is to determine what the valid subgraph API behavior is at a given time with respect to the protocol. The protocol depends on determinism so its important that indexers know the correct behavior of the subgraph API is. API versioning should help protocol users understand what the canonical subgraph behavior is and help identify the intersection of subgraph API features and protocol features. For now, the graph node is the source of truth for subgraph API functionality. The goal is to backwards compatibility among minor versions of graph node.

    NOTE: Auditors are being booked more efficiently so that protocol upgrades are streamlined.


    Disputes (Ford)

    There are currently seven disputes against the p2p indexer. This is the first time going through the dispute process, so transparency is key to laying out a good process for the future. You can find information about current disputes in the arbitration category here.

    Disputes (Cont. Brandon)

    During the bootstrapping days of the network indexers should not be punished for faults that occurred due to software malfunctions or gaps in the tooling. Part of the investigations is aimed at root cause and why these determinism inconsistencies occurred.

    Indexer Office Hours

    Be sure to join indexer office hours to continue the discussion heard during the protocol town hall today! Information on how to join office hours and past recordings can be found here.


    Full version of the Protocol Town Hall #4 transcript can be found here!

    Protocol Town Hall #4 Recording




    *Disclaimer* These protocol town hall notes are unofficial notes and were provided as a sample in the application process for an RFP. They were not provided by or endorsed by any representatives of edge & node or the graph foundation.  





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