Whats the best way of capturing WETH details as part of a NFT trade?

Atm we successfully capture all ETH trade details by looking at transaction.value but a Transfer Event for a given NFT.

WETH is becoming a much bigger settle layer for NFT trading and we would like to capture the WETH value during a trade as well.

What would be the best way of doing this?

Would I need to index all WETH transactions and then in match them up to NFT Transfer transactions?

This is the main use-case behind the TransactionReceipt feature.

Read here how to activate them: Creating a Subgraph - The Graph Docs

In the AssemblyScript API it is documented how this data is exposed: AssemblyScript API - The Graph Docs

I know there was someone that did something similar already but I can’t find the source right now. I’ll check.

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This repo shows how it’s used.